Tappy Kids Stories

Tappy Bear Children’s Stories


*new* TappyBear and the Earthquake
TappyBear lives through his first earthquake, not quite sure how to manage find out how he did.

Tappy on the Swing
Tappy was not prepared to face his fear of
getting on a swing.

Tappy is Always So Eager
Tappy can not wait for spring to get started, so his mom gets him a surprise. His impatience causes trouble,.

Tappy is so Distracted
Tappybear is quite distracted with after school adventures, until he calms down and settles for adventures in his mind.

Tappy in snow
TappyBear has a snow day, and wants to go play outside, the challenge; he refuses to dress up.

Tappy and the Beetles

 Tappy overcomes his fear of bugs, with his Tappy song and tapping.

Swimming Can Be Scary
Tappy uses Tapping to quell his fear of swimming in the lake

It Is Not Always the Way They Say
Tappy gains insight about stereotyping and racism with EFT.

All Those Noises Outside
Tappy goes camping and uses EFT to help quell the fears of himself and his camping pals.

Things Can Seem Difficult
Accompany Tappy and his adventures, this time while visiting his Grandparents. Tappy is challenged to overcome several emotions with a most positive end result. (Not just for kids)

Nothing Works When You Are Angry
A short tale of how Tappy overcomes his anger and frustration with his Train set. Print it out and Read it to your kids while they color in the details of the images.

Nobody Likes a Grumpy Tappy
This months story has to do with TappyBear feeling Grumpy because his life undergoes some changes.

The Great Confusion
The story is about a difficulty with a stubborn picture puzzle that causes Tappy some initial anger and frustration–– until our Special Bear taps the bad feelings away –– and then, of course, solves the puzzle.

The Ghost in Tappy’s Closet
Read how EFT helped Tappy overcome his fears, then download, print and color The Ghost in Tappy’s Closet.

Magic Fingers Poem
Read, download and print the Magic Fingers Poem. It’s a wonderful, fun way to help children remember to do EFT when they are upset or afraid.

Everyone is Always So Busy!
Read this heartwarming depictive story of how EFT can be used to resolve a child’s feeling of sadness and lonliness, then download both the story and accompanying coloring pages.